Along with providing other services, we take pride in claiming ourselves as an approved, Licensed & Registered NVOCC. Our NVOCC covers sectors of Jabal Ali, Karachi, Bandar Abbas, Afghanistan and CIS countries. Apart from owning an inventory of DRY & Reefer Container boxes of 20’ 40’ HQ and generators, we have a proper system designed to manage such shipments, giving us an edge in handling huge cargo movements in major regions of the world.

Our export volume estimates from 100 to 150 TEUS each month, and due to such volume with heavy fleet movements and strong relationships with slot operators, we get reasonable slot rates with confirmed space thus enabling us to offer special pricing to our customers. Our exports consist of Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Denim and Textile but our major category is dry fruits from Afghanistan.

We acquired NVOCC in 2012 and due to such vast experience we are capable of handling all kinds of NVOCC and related shipment processes inclusive of custom rules, regulations and procedures. We aim to discover all those possibilities that comes in our way and thus we are also open to being a shipping line agent in Pakistan and work as a franchise for our clients to ease the shipping processes by utilizing our advantage of NVOCC, experience staff and a complete setup.

Our services consist of:

  • Flexibility in pricing & free days for customers (DRY/Reefer containers).

  • Offering extended free time especially for Afghanistan and “CIS Destined” cargo considering the longer route and transit time in mind while containers return to satisfy our customer needs.

  • Availability/Release of a required containers on priority.

  • Special rates provision and contracts with major shipping lines.

  • Special space agreements with shipping lines.

  • Door to door delivery services